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What is GroupNGS.

GroupNGS has an extended network of specialists who can be staffed on a client’s project team to address specific needs or solve issues. These specialists bring expertise in accounting system design, software engineering, data integration, financial modeling, and business consulting that make GroupNGS well positioned to serve your financial needs.

Software Engineering We design, develop, deploy all kinds of software systems, for all platforms.
Logistic and Transport Last mile delivery and customized transportation solutions
Business Consultancy We offer Training, Business Development, Feasibility Studies, Strategic Planning/Corporate Planning, Planning, Research and Data Collection, Profiling, Counseling, Advisory, Team Building etc.
Financial Modeling We are the top financial modeling consultants. Top companies and start-ups hire us for their mission critical projects.
Accounting Systems Design We base on the line of your business to develop the tools specificaly for your business, to use in accpunting, book keeping, invoicing, human resource, inventory management etc...
Tech Problem Solving Our dedicated experts will work closely with your team to determine the right IT solutions and services that maximize your business advantage, streamline your workflows, and reduce your operating costs.
Data integration I make sure that all my projects are fully responsive, for a beter user experience.

Our Portfolio

Some of our work in web design

Social housing project Social housing project to allow Ugandans to get a house at a cheaper price
Financial House Bank focusing on the local SME & SMI
Averi capital specialist provider of capital investment and financing solutions to growth markets globally, complemented by unique project structuring capabilities.
Afro Bps Oil & Gas company
Carre Point Wood Wood import/Export & Manufacturing
MINESEC.gov.cm Ministry of secondary education, Government website


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